Egg Wash

When I started my “no ‘poo” project over a year ago, it was just that: A project. I never intended for it to last more than maybe a few more months, but now that I’ve done it for over a year, I don’t really think about going back to using shampoo for my hair.

Covering my hair with a shower cap.

Covering my hair…

I clean my hair approximately once every week, and have mainly been doing the “baking soda and apple cider vinegar” method (though, there’s many ways to do this, just google it!) I always try to find other ways to clean my hair, though, mostly out of curiosity.

Tonight I gave it an “egg wash”. Basically it’s one or two beaten eggs (depending on how much hair you have on your head), rubbed into dry hair. Leave it in for at least 15 minutes, covering your hair with a shower cap or towels (I use a shower cap). Then you rinse your hair with cool or cold water. Be careful not to use hot water, as that would leave your with scrambled eggs in your hair, which is very messy!

I try to do an egg wash every now and then (but not as often as once a month). My hair might feel a bit odd when it’s still wet, but it feels so soft and nice when it has dried!

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