So far I have two tattoos. They both have a special meaning to me, and I’ve drawn them myself. I’ve used a lot of time considering what and where I wanted to have them, and the first I got is on my upper left arm, and is a sort of growing light. A bit hard to explain, but it’s my own, private symbol of life.

arcticluna  © 2013

Me from behind.
arcticluna © 2013

The second tattoo is on my back, a Triquetra. For me, it’s a pagan symbol of the divine. I know that for many, especially Wiccans, it represents the three stages of the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, and Crone), but for me it is more a symbol of the life force, as well as mind, body, and soul.

It might not be a surprise for others that I am planning on my third one as well. I will probably use a lot of time figuring out how it will look like, all I know is that I would love to have a tree of life on my right upper arm. Yes, yet a symbol of life. The life force is so central in my believes, it’s in many ways the roots of it all. If that makes sense… I have no idea when I will get around to get this tattoo, the next step is to make a drawing I’m pleased with. I’ve done a couple of tests, but nothing I’ve even bothered to keep.

Do you have any tattoos? Do they have a deeper meaning for you, or are they just “for beauty”? 😉

Protection of my Home

Even though I love the atmosphere in my home, and did a cleansing before I moved in, I decided to make a little protection spell for my home the other night. I made incense of the herbs lavender, sage and cinnamon, all with the power of protection.

I also said the following (Norwegian):
Kjære far og kjære mor,
Dere som beskytter alt på jord:
Se til at her er godt å være,
og at hjemmet mitt er en beskyttet sfære.

The translation would be:
Dear father and dear mother,
You who protects all on Earth:
See that here is a good place to be,
and that my home is a protected sphere.

I said the verse three times, and the just let the incense burn.

I know that it’s a very simple spell, but I think it’s all that is needed. My home does not need stronger protection, it’s already a good place to be.


All Souls Night 2013

This year I haven’t been able to spend most Sabbaths as I wished. Nor so with All Souls Night, when I was out of town, and staying in a hotel. However, I sneaked some stuff into my room, so that I could do a tiny marking. Here’s my simple “altar”:

All Souls Night Altar

All Souls Night Altar