I’m going on a trip…

flowercandleI will spend most parts of June a long way from home: I’m finally going on a long planned trip to the USA. Been saving for years. This means I’ll be in New York City on Midsummer. I have started to look around to see if there’s some marking or ritual I will be able to partake in. I love Midsummer, and really want to mark or celebrate it in some way.

I’m not sure how good Google is, and I’ve had a look over at WitchVox. So far, the luck has been so-so. I will continue to look around, but if someone knows about a place to look, or about someone to contact, please let me know.

May Day 2013

I celebrate my May Day on the evening of 1 May. Since I’m a socialist as well as a pagan, I use the start of the day to do political stuff (but that has no place in this blog). So, even though the start of the day had been mostly sunny, but very cold, the evening was wet and rainy. This didn’t stop me from going out in my rain gear and pick something green for my altar.

I only had a small marking, as I didn’t feel too well, but at least it was something. I focused on being there, as well as making toasts to things and giving thanks.

After the ritual, I went out and made an offering of wine to Mother Nature and the goddess.

Here are some photos of my May Day altar: