Naming the Sabbaths

Part of altar at SabbatI have been doing quite a bit of thinking about the names of the Sabbaths lately. As I’m not Wiccan, I don’t find it very natural to use the Wiccan names of the Sabbaths, and instead I have decided to use other, and to me more fitting, names. I have made a sort of calendar under, with the dates for 2013 and the name I’ve chosen to use for the Sabbaths. I will try to use these names from now on. I have picked both an English and a Norwegian name, as I am a Norwegian, after all.

Date English name Norwegian name
1 February Festival of Lights Lysfestival
20 March Spring Equinox Vårjevndøgn
1 May May Day Maidag
21 June Midsummer Midtsommer
1 August Harvest Festival Innhøstningsfestival
22 September Autumn Equinox Høstjevndøgn
31 October All Souls Night Alle sjelers natt
21 December Midwinter Midtvinter

My next step will be to make a sabbath calendar, with the dates for a few years forward. I will make a page for it, as it will be easier for myself to find it again.


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