Imbolc 2013

I woke up to a cold and crispy morning. There had been a light snowfall during the night, and the ground was covered by a thin layer of snow, almost like frost. Started my workday with a session of yoga, and it felt absolutely right for Imbolc. It was a good start of the day.

Originally my plan was to leave work a bit early, and go straight home, but I had so much to do, so that I had to stay a bit longer than planned. It was a sunny day, so instead of going straight home, I ended up going to my favourite coffee place to drink coffee and read my book. It was lovely.

I made mac’n’cheese for dinner. Very fitting for Imbolc, in my opinion, and it tastes great. I have leftovers too, which is always a plus.

Even though I had been doing a lot of thinking about Imbolc for the last month, I ended up doing a rather simple ritual. There was the lighting of candles, of course (Imbolc is candlemass, after all), and such, and I read tarot in the circle. I have in general been working more on tarot lately.

All in all a good Imbolc, and I hope you had a blessed one too!

Imbolc 2013

My Imbolc altar 2013