Midsummer 2012

Midsummer is one of my favourite Sabbaths. I love this time of year, with all the flowers and the long, light days. I always feel so alive when the sun is at its peak!

It has been a while since I celebrated Summer Solstice properly, so it felt good to do it again. I started setting up my altar, with a new table cloth, strawberries, flowers and all. I went out to pick flowers after a small meal, and gathered them in a small basket for later use. Here is a photo taken before the ritual:

I’m not going into details about my ritual here, those are for me only, but  I can tell you as much as this: I had a bit to eat and drink in the circle (bread, strawberries and ale), and I made a  flower garland from the flowers I had picked.  I had a very nice Midsummer marking, all by myself. Here’s the altar, after the ritual:



Wishing you all a wonderful

Dying my hair red

It’s no secret i dye my hair red. Pretty obvious, haha. Since I try to be environmental friendly, and because I love the colour henna gives, that’s what I use. Besides, no chemicals to give me eczema! I also like to experiment a bit, and this time I used the following:

– henna powder (high quality)
– turmeric powder
– red tea
– camomile tea
– black coffee
– white wine vinegar
– lime juice

I mixed the whole thing in a bowl until it has a consistency of yogurt, covered with a plate, and put it into a preheated oven of 50°C and let it stay there for about 4 hours. I then added a splash of lemon juice, covered with cling film and left it until the afternoon the next day.

I generously added the mixture into my (dry, clean) hair. Normally I leave it in overnight, but this time I didn’t really have the energy to do that (it doesn’t exactly make me sleep well), so I “only” left it in my hair for about five hours. I hopped into the shower and rinsed all of the henna out.

I was quite pleased with the result, and my hair always feels really healthy after the process.

Photos under: The henna mix, my hair covered with henna, and my hair in the sunshine after dyeing it. 

A new start

Although I’ve known I’ve been a pagan for a long time, and although I used to practice (I even was in a coven for a period), the last few years have been kind of “dead”. At some point I kind of lost a piece of myself. Hard to explain, so I’m not going to. Besides, it’s not very important.

I now feel like getting back into doing the things I liked so much, to start doing what I deep down inside my heart know is right for me. And I can hardly wait! I’ll start with celebrating Midsummer. I know most pagans call it Litha or the like, but for me, I prefer the more time of year names, like Midsummer, Midwinter etc.

This is going to be my Book of Shadows. That’s why it will be anonymous, sort of. People who knows what I am might get the link, though, but I don’t want it to be super open, and show up if someone should search my name on the big web.

So, that’s all for now. I want to get this BoS to look a bit better…